artists statement


I find I often return to working with the nude because of the vast subtleties in the skin tones that hint at the underlying form beneath the structure of the figure. Working with a subject matter that essentially never changes in structure and has a fundamental continuity of form, regardless who the model is, allows me immense freedom to explore my media and its methods of application.

I refuse to restrict myself to being a particular type of artist as I believe many factors are involved in the actual creation of art and I enjoy letting these externals influence what I do on the day. These things can't really be changed; they just need to be made subconscious for a while. I challenge myself by deliberately influencing certain factors like my media and my colour palette, but it is the subtle shifts of my personality and mood, influenced by the external factors that I have less control over that excites me when I create. They lend themselves to how I apply myself to the media I am using and why I use the nude again and again so these subtleties in me as a person are portrayed in the work I create.

All artwork © Lisa Corken 2008 - 2019