Sept 09 'Flesh & The Figure', The Art Works, Newcastle Upon Tyne
 July 09 'North of the Wall' Finalist & Exhibitor, North Tyneside
 June 09 'Fabulous Felt', The Art House, Westbourne, Hants
 Dec 08 'Northern Footprints', Northern Print Gallery
 Aug 08 The Bakehouse Gallery, Alnwick
 Aug 08 The Smokehouse Gallery, Eyemouth
 July 08 Belford Craft Gallery, Northumberland
 June 08 Artfulness Gallery, York City Centre
 July 07 Regular Exhibitor at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
 July 05 'Beyond the Sea', The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle
 Oct 04 'Media Arts Festival' Friesland, The Netherlands
 July 04 Postcard Art Exhibition, Memorial Gallery, Wrexham
 Mar 04 Finalist in Barker & Stonehouse 'Homeage' The Biscuit Factory
 Nov 03 'Meat' included in AV Festival, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle
 Oct 03 'Drawing, The End Of The Line' Ecole Municipale de Dessin, France
 Jun 03 'The Rise & Fall of Feminism' Centre Gallery, Sunderland
 Feb 03 EYA03 CDA Fine Arts, The Fort, Birmingham
 Nov 02 'NE Think', Video exhibition with Northumbria University, Newcastle
 Aug 02 Opening Show of Centre Gallery, Sunderland

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All artwork © Lisa Corken 2008 - 2019